Making renewable energy make sense for all

Let's roll!

In Action: Sustainable Rides in Monrovia

Discover Emergi's pilot project ride-hailing service that takes a hollistic approach to the future of ride hailing —where electric tuktuks, or kekehs, driven by skilled women make each journey sunny and breezy. Embrace the delightful and forward-thinking approach to future mobility, ensuring an easy-going, eco-friendly commute through the heart of Liberia's capital. Join us in supporting sustainable transportation and empowering women drivers for a truly sunny and breezy ride every time


Our Guiding Principles

Emergi operates according to these core principles:

Easy and Uncomplicated

We prioritize simplicity in our approach to sustainable mobility, ensuring hassle-free experiences for users and partners alike. Together, we streamline operations and cultivate seamless journeys, fostering effectiveness and collaboration.

Joy and Happiness

Working as a team, we aim to deliver delightful experiences, spreading happiness among users, service providers, and partners alike. Through teamwork, cooperation, and inclusiveness, we create positive interactions, enhance the overall journey towards sustainable mobility, and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

Future Forward

Through collaborative efforts and innovative thinking, our team paves the way for a sustainable future in mobility. Together, we forge mutually beneficial partnerships that drive positive change, contributing to a greener, more resilient world.


Who we are

The team behind Emergi is a core group of very experienced and enthusiastic individuals. The founder and CEO of Emergi is Richard van Hoolwerff, with his experience in entrepreneurship development in developing countries, who combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for renewable energy.

Eline Terneusen, our head of acquisition and fundraising has broad experience in SME development in Sub-Saharan Africa and value chain development. Selina Abraham supports Emergi by her creative designs as a Graphic Designer and developing user-friendly solutions for digital tools & services as a UX-Designer. Shravan Shah offers Emergi his broad expertise and passion for data and helps Emergi make sense of GIS-data and information gathered through our services. In Liberia, Jeroen Thunnissen is part of our business development team and will be taking an intermediary role between the international and local office and our head of operations Elvis Thomas. They are both based in our office in Monrovia.