Join the

Energy Revolution

to create a world where clean energy is the principal reliable energy source for all. We do this by developing renewable energy solutions that create economic and social value.


Our Values

Emergi offers innovative products to contribute to the energy revolution and a renewable future. At emergi, we operate according to these core values:


We create and introduce innovative products using innovative business models.


We combine environmental with financial sustainability and re-invest 55% of our profit back into our business.


We design our products by including all stakeholders involved at an early stage so we can open up  access to energy for those who need it most.


Who we are

The team behind Emergi is a core group of very experienced and enthusiastic individuals. The founder and CEO of Emergi is Richard van Hoolwerff, with his experience in entrepreneurship development in developing countries, who combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for renewable energy.

Eline Terneusen, our head communication and fundraising has broad experience in SME development in Sub-Saharan Africa and value chain development. Saida Wolff, our head of partner acquisition combines her passion for renewable energy with her keen eye for strategic partnerships. Sulfa Selo supports Emergi by developing user-friendly solutions for digital tools & services as a UX-Designer. In Liberia, we are also supported by our engineering trainees Willie McGill and Elvis Thomas based in Liberia.