Tailor-made Solar Cooling

Our tailor-made solar cooling systems are a solution to a well-documented challenge in markets with limited or no cold-chain, such as in Sub-Saharan Africa. This lack of cold-storage can lead to 80% unnecessary waste!

Although some agricultural value chains and marketplaces are currently already served with cold storage to keep vegetables, fruit, meat or fish cold or frozen. These cold storage units usually operate on costly and polluting diesel powered generators or unreliable grid electricity. 

Our tailor-made solar cooling systems present a zero-carbon and zero-electricity cold storage solution – using sustainable and cost-free solar  energy to maintain cold or freezing temperatures (5C to -5C). Every country has its specific weather and solar patterns and every produce has its specific cooling requirements. Our team is specialised in designing and installing affordable tailor-made solar cooling systems for your specific needs! Contact us to find out how we can improve your value chain.